Wednesday, September 15, 2004


A star is a small ball of light that twinkles in the sky. That shines perfectly above to amaze us of its sizes and scatteredness in the mantel of darkness.

A star mirrors fruits of struggle and difficulties. It reflects hope and calmness after the storm. And it brings smile as it falls.

When I was a child, I used to watch the stars. I used to climb our roof to have a closer look at the stars. I remember “lola” (grandmother) saying: “Nandito ka na naman!” (You’re here again!). And she will sit with me and together we sing songs she taught. Amidst the calm night, we talked about our dreams and share stories. Our neighbors would notice this, yet, instead of disturbing us, they share the same moment with us. They would look at the sky and choose their own star. I hear them saying “I want that star for it is the farthest”, while others said, “I want that biggest star and the brightest one”. I said to myself, “I can be one of the star then!, hmmm…. who among these stars I want to be me.” Finally I found my star, it is the brightest yet smallest among the rest. I like that star for it is small as I am and I consider the big stars as the parents of the small ones.

to be continued.......


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